Welcome to MathsQ

What is it? 
A dynamic new maths website with tens of thousands of questions searchable by topic, grade, exam questions, knowledge retrieval questions and misconceptions  (all with answers at the click of a button!) 

Who is it for?
MathsQ is designed for secondary school maths teachers who wish to deliver exceptionally well resourced whiteboard lessons at the click of a button (printable too).

Why?   Aren't there loads of resources out there?
Yes, but the quality is variable.    We continually check our questions (we know how easy mistakes can creep in) and appreciate any feedback.
We are adding questions on a daily basis.  Our vision is to be the biggest maths database in the UK.

It's live now, but still work in progress.  We expect all sections to be completed by April.

Down to the Nitty Gritty
Your students will have access to the latest, most appropriate questions for their ability, whilst cutting down on your prep time yet delivering outstanding quality resources with answers.  All of which are designed to be displayed on your whiteboard.  Students can mark their work and receive immediate feedback.

The questions are grouped by fluency, reasoning and problem solving to ensure the depth and breadth of content is covered.

You can access exam, worksheet, knowledge retrieval and misconception questions and filter your preferences by grade, topic,  multiple choice, calculator or non-calculator.  You can filter by individual grades, or several grades at a time, individual strands or a combination of these.  You can narrow it down to either calculator, non-calculator or multiple choice (or a combination) and even by individual topic or multiple topics at a time.

Our team are continually checking, updating and adding new questions to our extensive database. 

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